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MCA courses are currently running at our South West Centre, the Quay in Exeter.

The next course (Module 3, redpointing and competitions) will run in early Spring 2014 and we will announce dates shortly.

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Background to the Masterclass scheme

The Masterclass Coaching Academy is the result of a seven-year collaborative research project, conducted by Neil Gresham, Britain's most experienced coach. The Academy was launched officially in September 2011, but it all started back in 2004, when Gresham ran his first ‘coaching for coaches' course, at the Westway climbing centre in London. This was developed under-the-radar to meet the growing demand for coaching knowledge, and it ran successfully every subsequent year, gaining high acclaim by word-of-mouth. After each course, Gresham gathered feedback and used this to refine his systems further. He also used his own 1-to-1s, group sessions and coaching holidays to put new coaching methods to the test. At the point where he was ready to launch the Masterclass Academy, Gresham collaborated with a select group of the UK's most accomplished and respected coaches, to ensure that all the most up-to-date ideas of the day were incorporated. The result of this process is a functional and proven method that is guaranteed to help all climbers to improve. The Masterclass system is the only coaching package for sport climbing and bouldering available in Britain that has been extensively field-tested. See also the endorsements for Masterclass coaching courses

Neil Gresham who is widely regarded as Britain's leading climbing coach. He has been at the forefront of global developments in training and coaching for nearly twenty years and has a countless list of ‘coaching firsts' to his name:

More about Neil Gresham
  • First regular training columnist for a British climbing magazine: OTE 1993.
  • First performance workshops at climbing walls in Britain in 1995.
  • First personalised training programme service in Britain in 1996.
  • First performance coaching holidays to Kalymnos and Fontainebleau in 2001.
  • First coaching course for coaches at the Westway, London, in 2004.
  • First British performance climbing DVDs - ‘Masterclass' Part 1 & 2 2005.
  • First to coach a British junior female to climb 8a, Kitty Wallace in 2008.