About Masterclass Coaching Academy

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MCA courses are currently running at our South West Centre, the Quay in Exeter.

The next course (Module 3, redpointing and competitions) will run in early Spring 2014 and we will announce dates shortly.

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The Masterclass Brand of coaching

Masterclass coaching is targeted at intermediate level climbers who wish to improve, for example, those climbing in the French 6s and 7s. The scheme goes into sufficient depth to enable our coaches to work with elites and professional climbers. The Masterclass scheme does not include basic ropework and safety techniques, as there are so many alternative schemes that cover these areas of instruction (CWS, SPA, in-house courses etc). We advise that our clients are able to lead F5+ and / or boulder V1 as a minimum requirement, as this will enable them to gain the full benefit from the type of coaching we offer. We focus specifically on the coaching of technique, physical training, mental skills and tactics. We also teach advanced rope-work skills such as dynamic belaying to those who have sufficient experience.

The Masterclass scheme operates purely at indoor climbing walls, but our coaches are also qualified to give advise to clients who sport climb and boulder on rock. We strongly advise Masterclass coaches who work outside on rock to hold appropriate training certificates from parallel schemes (SPA, MIC etc)