About Masterclass Coaching Academy

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MCA courses are currently running at our South West Centre, the Quay in Exeter.

The next course (Module 3, redpointing and competitions) will run in early Spring 2014 and we will announce dates shortly.

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The Masterclass Method

Structured and evolving methods

The Masterclass method is a solid, structured and widely proven coaching framework that delivers results. Many of our most innovative techniques have been copyrighted to MCA. Our coaching methods are constantly evolving as we gather feedback from our coaches and clients. We also maintain our high standards with rigorous quality control measures.

Personalised and diagnostic coaching

The cornerstone of the Masterclass method is to offer diagnostic coaching, based on the strengths, weaknesses and goals of every client. We adapt and personalise information so that it is appropriate to the level of the climber.

The Masterclass levels

Central to our model is that all our coaches are good climbers themselves, as well as good teachers and communicators. This is based on the key principle that no one can coach at a grade that is significantly higher than that which they have achieved themselves. Our coaches are not merely 'book people' who lack the ability and authority to adapt theories to real situations. The coaches who command the most respect are always the ones who've 'been there' themselves.

'Masterclass coaches' are qualified to coach those climbing in the upper F5's, 6's and 7's and have a personal climbing ability of F7a onsight / 7b+ redpoint (minimum requirement).
'Masters' are able to coach climbers from upper F5's right up to elite level. They are also the providers of our coaching courses. All Masters have the personal climbing ability of F7c+ onsight / F8a+ redpoint (minimum requirement).

The Masterclass Modules

Another key element of Masterclass coaching is our modular structure. This is described in more detail in the syllabus section.

  • Module 1. Technique
  • Module 2. Training
  • Module 3. Competitions, tactics & mental performance
  • Module 4. Injury management & coaching methods