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MCA courses are currently running at our South West Centre, the Quay in Exeter.

The next course (Module 3, redpointing and competitions) will run in early Spring 2014 and we will announce dates shortly.

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Endorsements for Masterclass Coaching Academy Courses

"Joe,Tom and I got a lot out of your two day technique course. We went back to The Barn with new direction, ideas and enthused to try harder ourselves. It is excellent to have it all in a file. Thank you. At our next squad session, one of the parents said, 'They are all going up the wall like ballerinas - pointy toes everywhere!' Tom was also videoing the children - with their own ipods, so they could go ponder. So you see, the Gresham ideas have spread west."

Alice Fuller, Director, The Barn, Devon – June 12


"I am a completely different climber after doing the 4 MCA modules. I have been training hard and also training other people hard using all my new-found skills and the MCA methodology. This has culminated in a redpoint ascent of a 7c route over just 2 days last weekend. This is a grade that I felt had been previously unattainable for me but in the end it went quite easily and I feel as strong and confident as I have ever been. Thank you so much for all your hard work to get the MCA up to a really high standard and I really look forward to my assessment."

GD, April 2013


"The whole course has been a tremendous experience and one which I thoroughly enjoyed. I know for a fact that if I hadn't done it and then embraced it, my climbing would not be where it is today."

SM January 2013


"I thought the module (4) set up was brilliant and how fantastic both Neil and Nina were at presenting and teaching. I have spent the last three years teaching at university and seldom come across researchers/scientists who were successful with their work AND good at being inspiring teachers.
Seriously, a real pleasure to be involved. I can't wait to do modules 1-3.
Many thanks,"

AH, April 2013


"I felt really inspired after each day. It's amazing how much there is to learn when you start breaking it down - it could be a whole degree course! I thought there was a good mix of theory and practical. As for my favourite modules, that's a tricky one -I liked them all! I learnt lots in the redpointing module, especially as proper redpointing technique was new to me. The simulated competition was an eye opener and it was good to get your head around what it must be like in a big competition.
I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the module on injury management and really felt like I learned a lot of good stuff about the body. I think the modules all worked together really well and I'm glad I did all of them.
I'd definitely recommend MCA to others; being led by climbing experts who have been there and done it is key to its success. In addition, nothing beats learning in a group environment where you're learning theory and then putting it straight into practice."

CG, April 2013


"I would just like to say that the course has been great. I have been amazed at the amount of content and detail, which far exceeded my expectations. Someone said to me before I had done any of the modules - "What can a experienced climber like me learn from MCA?” Well I can certainly say a great deal and would recommend any climber who wants to achieve a better understanding of training & coaching to give it a go."

AG (F7c veteran climber) 2012


" When working within the MCA framework you really feel that it can deliver both qualified and competent coaches, which completely captivated me and encouraged a desire to be part of it. The peer to peer interaction and the delivery of the syllabus seems to gel really well, so that it not only improves coaching performance but fuels and inspires you to reach your own aspirations and climbing level. The time just seems to fly by and I would bet that there is so much more that could be added. "

SM (F7b+ veteran climber) 2012


" Your coaching course is definitely one-of-a-kind and at the forefront of climbing coaching in the UK. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a great deal. You'll be glad to hear I've already put it to use on a friend who I am coaching. On a personal level, it really helped me highlight my weaknesses and has given me real clarity and focus on what I need to work harder on to attain my goals. "

DC (Sports training coach) 2012


" It's an incredibly well-thought out and comprehensive course, perfect for old hands and young talent alike. As the person out-front, Neil is an inspiring role-model for MCA, both as a coach and a climber. It's obvious that your methods have all been gained through hard work and trial and error as well as theory. "

LP (Mountain Guide) 2012


" The MCA modules were delivered in a carefully thought-out and productive structure. The perfect mix of theory and practical and the correct order too... Put simply, it just works! I have applied module 1 and 2 the most in my personal coaching and climbing. Module 4 was hugely informative and highlighted many imbalances in our bodies... It was brilliant to get Nina Leonfellner (an expert physiotherapist) onboard and discuss issues we've seen. From this, the MCA has a great depth of authority and structure. However, potentially module 3 was the winner for me! Competition climbing and red pointing is going to benefit me and my clients hugely! Minute nuances of strategy were both shared and seen and pros & cons of all were highlighted. Being that we are coaching the future of British climbing, this module will help us deliver the full package - give our clients the edge on all others! A real joy to be a part of it!

I certainly would recommend MCA to others. In fact, I already have! I recommended MCA to another friend/coach, who jumped at the chance to be a part of MCA. So eager was he, that he did 3 modules in 3 months! I have also recommended MCA to another client of mine who is going to joining the team in Autumn.

Neil Gresham is the leading and most recognised coach in climbing. The MCA gives like-minded and enthusiastic climbers/coaches the chance to adapt their methods to what Neil has put together over 25 years in the business! A real masterclass from start to finish and a joy to be a part of this team! Thanks Neil "

RO (F7c climber & climbing wall coach) 2012


"I just want to say I thought the course was excellent. Having a background in sports coaching, practically and academically up to degree level, the course delivered exactly what I wanted. I was lacking the specific knowledge to apply coaching principles to climbing confidently, but I now feel that I could coach clients at a higher level and improve their performance."

My personal climbing has also improved in the last couple of weeks. I finally sent a boulder problem I've been trying since last September yesterday and, guess what ? It was a technique issue! I'm massively enthused about coaching in climbing and just hope I can get the message across to the locals up here in the Lakes. I've got 2 non-paying clients to get things started and I'm in early talks with two local walls to hold some coaching sessions with them….Thanks again for providing a badly needed course."

Andy McVittie


"Neil Gresham's coaching course brought structure to my training program and kick-started a move to private coaching. No other course comes close in its field. As a direct result of the course, I created and taught a techniques courses for a major climbing wall. Using skills learned on the course I also worked with two juniors who went on to join the British team."

Jack Griffiths MIA


"Your coaching course was well structured and delivered. I think the material and ideas you have are good and I have already seen the benefits in my own climbing."

Ollie Noakes (Operations director and coach at Cardiff Climbing Centre)


"I've been thoroughly enjoying putting the acquired knowledge into practice, starting of course with myself! I’ve been making very good progress with and finding that I’m still improving."

Paul (Coach at Undercover Rock, Swansea)


"Many thanks for all the enthusiasm and expertise that you crammed into our 4 days at the Westway. The course re-inforced a few of my good habits, extended my understanding of general principles, provided masses of specific progressions, and gave me a whole bunch of practical ideas to further develop my coaching of climbing."

Jamie Holding (Mountain Guide)


"Thanks for a great course. You'll be glad to hear I've already put it to use on a friend who I am coaching. On a personal level, it really helped me highlight my weaknesses and has given me real clarity and focus on where I need to work harder to attain my goals."

David Collom (Sports training coach)